Pendulum Magic

Pendulum Magic

Divination tools have been employed for millennia to allow people to tune into their own answers, at SoulStar Boutique pendulums are a huge hit, as they can give you instant results.

SoulStar Boutique located in the heart of Courtenay's shopping district 5th street, exists to offer up amazing metaphysical tools to help people feel better, its kinda that simple! 

We add beauty and wonder to your life, and aim to assist you in learning how to tap into your own wealth of wisdom.  Your conscious mind runs the show 90% of the time, and is honestly unequipped to provide you with a peaceful successful life. Your SUBconscious mind is where the magic lays!  It is tuned into all of creation, it is 1000% equipped to provide you with a blessed and joyful existence.. the trouble is how do we communicate with it?

The answers lay within the field of divination and muscle testing that is used in various healing modalities.  Culturally we are starting to adopt meditation practices so that we can gain comfort in the breath and recharge in this expansive subconscious field.

Today I want to share about PENDULUMS, they are generally shaped wood,metal, or crystals that are attached to a chain about 6inches long and then have meaningful beads and/or charms at the other end of the chain for ease of use.  They all have special strengthens, the metal ones tune into the magnetism of your field and that of the earth, they amplify some peoples answer accuracy when communicating - and short circuit others field.  You need to just come to this new modality with curiosity.  Wood ones are usually a nice option for nature lovers, as they connect to the network of communication that the big trees have.  They are lighter in weight and usually require a bit more of a steady hand.  Crystal ones are my personal favorite as I am "a crystal kid"  

Crystal/Mineral Pendulums are masters in assisting you with healing and learning.  Pure quartz amplifies your energy, so it can give you a boost to have larger answers when you are just starting out.  Remember that when you hold the pendulum, you are doing so in order to connect to your own guidance, and so you get to practice personal empowerment.  You get to practice being direct and asking for the answer the way you need it.  Some people PROGRAM their pendulums, so that YES is a circle and NO is a straight line.  Others like to ASK THE PENDULUM "Show me Yes, and Show me NO" this allows the energy to flow through the crystal in the most natural way.  Some people use cool charts, where you just place the point of the pendulum above a point and it swings towards the answer.  You can dive into all this online. 

I just wanted to say that pendulum magic is such a rewarding practice, it tunes you into the magic of your own being, and it knows your name, what you ate, what show you watched yesterday.. it starts safely opening you up to the vastness of our true nature.  Pendulums are a wonderful tool to use for people that have lots of food sensitivities, and for EMPATHS that pick up on energy of other people while out in public.  This is a very common Gift that often drives people into Metaphysical stores for help, as it just is so debilitating when unmanaged.  You literally feel everything others are feeling, and start to isolate.  Pendulums are helpful, because you can hold it about 6 inches in-front of your chakras, one at a time, and get instant feedback if it isn't spinning in a nice smooth circle, that you have just picked up someone or somethings energy, and it is interfering in the flow of the energy in your body.  Say if i feel perfect, then pop into a store to buy a bottle of water and am standing in line with someone that is agitated and angry, then notice as I leave i feel crappy.  I can pull out my pendulum and check.. and sure enough my heart chakra is not spinning properly which is causing me grief.  NOW i can simply do something to amplify feelings of love, and re-balance my heart chakra.. I can envision GREEN, I can think about something I love to do, or my favorite food.  After a few seconds I usually breath deeper and have a smile on my face.  Sure enough I check again with my pendulum and it is a smooth nice circle again.  

Ill post a video on this later.  Hope that helps, IF you have questions on Pendulum use feel free to connect and ask!  I'm happy to offer the same amazing service online as we do at our brick and mortar store. 


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